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Yes Brands started as a t-shirt company in Louisville, KY and quickly grew to include content that aims to inspire our society and our communities. We believe that life truly is what you make it, and that actions are greater than ideas. Our content is inspirational and tells stories of how people navigate life with a positive outlook, build businesses, help others, and solve problems. We've got some great writers on our team. Our podcast channel is filled with life lessons, inspirational rants, and is anchored by a weekly show called the #LeaderSeries, which highlights business leaders and social influencers and breaks down their habits and rituals into action-oriented things that listeners can incorporate into their daily life. 

If this seems like a mash up in it's current state, it is. Our new site is currently being developed and will officially launch in the 4th quarter of 2017. Until then, hit the links above to check out the content. It's good stuff. And you just might learn some tips to make your life better.